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October 23 2017

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Happy birthday to us!

Forty-five years ago today, Congress passed legislation establishing the National Marine Sanctuary Program. Today, NOAA’s Office of National Marine Sanctuaries serves as the trustee for a network of underwater parks encompassing more than 600,000 square miles of marine and Great Lakes waters.

Your National Marine Sanctuary System protects ecosystems and wildlife all around the country, from National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa in the Pacific to Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary off the coast of Cape Cod. 

Check out what we’ve been up to for the last 45 years here!

August 29 2017

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The Jesus and Mary Chain in USSR, 1988/89

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The Jesus and Mary Chain

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I'm a slut for sunsets and stars and soft rain and wind and flowers

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It’s been said before but if public libraries weren’t a fact of society and were proposed today they would be roundly rejected as pie in the sky communism

August 28 2017

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hello! i hope you enjoyed the episode this week! i liked it a lot. here are the BGs i worked on for it! i consider it my magnum opus of this season because i did…a ton…of these…i started them around thanksgiving and when i came back to work after new year’s i still had more to do lmao.

the gunk world was really challenging and fun to work on! painting a place that’s made of the exact same material that’s the same color and has no logical light source was tough to figure out…phil and jason helped a lot of course! i think the three of us all contributed something neat to the feel of the world. the primary references we used for the actual gunk were snot, sewage, melted crayons, and gak. i also tried to make the ground feel oily.

in the end i’m really proud of how it all came together :8)

next episode is not only my favorite of the season, but one of my top 3 favorite episodes of the whole series, so don’t forget to come back in 2 weeks and come excited!!!

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Well well well well well well well

From the latest Rick and Morty episode, “Rest and Ricklaxation.”

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You can’t keep the drones.

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What a beautiful day.

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In which I’ve never related more to an anime character before in my life.


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August 08 2017

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Educator Takeover

What’s better than seeing a giant cane toad? Learning about their impacts on the Australian ecosystem as an invasive species of course! Michael, the cane toad—get it? Michael the CANE toad—is one of the many live animal presentation creatures present at the aquarium. Stop by the Blue Planet Action Center during the course of your visit for an up-close encounter with this enthralling amphibian.








Millennial Sisyphus keeps entering all the information from his resume into the web form, only for it to delete everything when he tries to move to the next page. He just goes back and types it all up again, over and over again, forever, and he never gets a job.

Millennial Tantalus has been promised that his unpaid internship will become a paid position as soon as the company has space for him. Every week he sees their new job posting. Every week he asks his boss if he can have a real job. The boss shrugs apologetically and says he’ll just have to make do with being paid in experience a little longer. He goes back and keeps working, over and over again, forever, and he never reaches the fruits of his labors.

Millennial Persephone can’t get a job without a degree, but because she had to take out loans to pay for college, she must spend 1/3 of her life working just to pay them off.

Millennial Cassandra’s title is Social Media Coordinator, she was hired to be the expert, but every time she tries to explain the problems in her company’s social media decisionmaking, the managers don’t listen…and end up hiring expensive PR flacks to repair the damage to their reputation when things blow up exactly as she predicted.

Millennial Medusa uses multiple shades of primer and opaque foundation to cover the scars snaking across her face, hiding the bruises, aligning the asymmetry in her broken nose and jaw. Red matte on the lips, green shimmer on the lids. Flawless liner on the first try. She’s had lots and lots of practice. She films her transformation in secret for all to see and learn, and again, men are turned to anonymous stone faces screaming in horror. “Liar!” “Witch!” “Take her swimming on the first date!” These words do not discourage her. These words are a challenge. GlamGorgonXx posts another video.

Millennial Prometheus uploads another PDF to his site. He’s lost track of the printing and edition of this textbook. He knows they just rearranged some of chapters then charge 150 dollars per copy, and the professor wrote the book himself. the ZIP fills uploads successfully, and he starts uploading the next one. He isn’t afraid of the potential lawsuit. knowledge shouldn’t held out of reach like this. 

Millennial Circe screenshots all the lewd messages she gets from men on online dating sites and posts them on her very popular Instagram along with their pictures and usernames. When people accuse her of attempting to destroy their reputations, she insists she’s just revealing them for the pigs they truly are.

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I found him 3 months ago weighing 2lbs at 6 months old. Clearly he realizes he’s hit the good life jackpot.

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My girlfriend took this majestic picture of Fry

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Like mother, like daughter

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