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February 08 2018

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It’s A Beautiful World @ The Tonight Show 02.07.18


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Two endangered penguins hatched at the Aquarium recently! 

Both peeped their way into the world on January 19 and are currently visible in our penguin colony in the Splash Zone gallery. The chicks will remain on exhibit for about three weeks or until they start leaving the nest. Then they’ll be moved behind the scenes for their safety, and return to the Splash Zone after a few months, when they’re a bit older and can swim. Stay tuned for more updates!

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Three weeks between photos - how fast they grow.

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Samudra and Lily from the Oregon Zoo are sibling goals. (Photo from the oregonzoo.org elephant picture gallery)

Thank you @aegor-bamfsteel for submission. 

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he’ll grow into it

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ruckus is training hard to become a service dog!! but he got a well-deserved vacation at disneyland today °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

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Look at this beautiful creature ❤ ~


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I don’t understand why books have shifted from having summaries on the back of the covers to having one-line reviews.

Seriously though. I want to know what the book is about. Not that someone from the Evening Standard thinks it’s a masterpiece. 

I have been waiting for this post my whole life.

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Peanuts, July 3, 1954

The best silent fuck you I’ve seen.

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Wallowa, Oregon © 2016

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